Philadelphia Marathon Weekend: TNT Inspirational Dinner -

Philadelphia Marathon Weekend: TNT Inspirational Dinner

My father and I attended the Philadelphia Marathon Weekend and the Team In Training Inspiration Dinner on November 21st. There were 65 Team In Training athletes participating that raised an incredible $179,000 in the fight against blood cancer. Since 2011 we raised $11,000 thanks to your contributions.

Matt Breidenstein, Campaign Manager for Team in Training, lead the inspiration dinner. I have summarized the night events for you to experience with us.

Unknown-1Here are a few reasons why raising money for LLS matters:

  • The dollars raised help ensure that blood cancer patients have access to the best available therapies and are able to understand their options and get the support they need.
  • LLS grants support more than 350 research projects in academic centers throughout the world and advance many approaches to improving outcomes for blood cancer patients. Last year alone, $79.8 million in projects focused on moving research from the laboratory into the clinic, converting compounds into drugs, and identifying novel treatment strategies.
  • LLS has helped pass laws in more than half the states guaranteeing that patients who take oral medications will get the same coverage as those who receive their chemotherapy intravenously. We are also working to ensure that patients have access to therapies and care without being forced to pay high out of pocket costs.

We all share one goal: A world without blood cancers! With your support LLS will continue to fund breakthrough therapies that are saving lives and we will continue working together to ensure that Someday is Today.

20151122_053649For each individual who attended the dinner, there was a story of courage, determination, strength and hope.

In attendance was a husband and wife duo that has raised over $130,000 for LLS.  After she was diagnosed with blood cancer 7 years ago, instead of asking why this happened to their family, they decided to do something about it and hence, their journey with TNT began.

A longtime TNT supporter ran 15 TNT events and has raised over $30,000 in memory of his wife who passed away from Lymphoma. He also raised $7,000 for his 70th birthday.

A first time TNTer and soon to be marathoner, has helped captain a team that has raised over $20,000 for LLS. After her uncle’s second diagnosis with blood cancer, she knew that it was time for her to do something more. Inspired by her uncle’s tremendous athletic accomplishments, she decided to train for her first marathon and raise funds for LLS.  She created a TEAM of friends and family for this event, all in honor of her uncle.

These stories are from a few individuals who have made it their mission to find a cure for blood cancer. Everyone there was a part of this mission.

Each group of individuals was honored for their part in the TNT TEAM. TNT Alumni, who have raised money for more than one event, Community Teams, Staff, Coaches, and the patient heroes. The Heroes were cancer survivors and those undergoing treatment. Some heroes were actually running the race, how inspiring!

The speaker for the evening was a long time LLS supporter, advocate, and blood cancer survivor, David Wolovitz.  David was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia at the age 52. At that time, CML was a death sentence to be carried out in 3-5 years. Today, he lives a full AND healthy life due to advancements in treatment made possible through LLS and fundraising efforts from people like YOU!

A moment of silence was held for our inspiration, our Honored heroes. For us it was Marie Therese Mahoney, mother and grandmother, who has lost her battle with Lymphoma on November 24th of last year.

On behalf of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, we were thanked for our efforts on achieving the vision: which is a world where; the vast majority of newly diagnosed patients will receive treatments that bring cures. And those that are not cured will be able to manage their condition with a good quality of life.

We thank YOU, that have joined our TEAM to make SOMEDAY TODAY!!


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