Increase access to oral oncology drugs -

Increase access to oral oncology drugs

It’s no surprise to anyone that cancer is expensive. Even for those who have insurance, researchers say there is a good chance cancer will still create a huge financial burden on the family.

Insurance companies take every opportunity they get not to pay when they should and the latest issue is oral chemotherapy – these are chemotherapy drugs that come in oral form, which makes them easier to take at home or work without disturbing the patient’s life by having to go to the hospital for hours for an iv infusion. 10 percent of cancer drugs are oral now with another 2Unknown5 percent in the pipeline.

And insurance companies have decided that these chemotherapy drugs, because they are a pill, are not chemotherapy and should be reimbursed like a regular prescription drug, meaning the patient has to pay high out of pocket costs.

This makes it twice as hard on the patient financially. Or – as has been shown in study after study – some just don’t get the drug prescription filled at all. The latest statistics show 10 percent of patients don’t fill their prescription because of cost. These are chemotherapy drugs they aren’t filling because they can’t afford it.

The International Myeloma Foundation has been hard at work ensuring patients have access to the treatments that are recommended by their physicians through the oral chemotherapy parity legislation around the country.  Forty states and the District of Columbia have passed these critical laws to increase access to oral oncology drugs that are crucial to patient survival.
Pennsylvania has an active campaign going. To help, Please send a letter to your elected officials NOW asking them to support H.R. 2739, the Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act. 
For more information, View this slide show: oral chemo parity pdf

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