This is not about cancer but, brain injury -

This is not about cancer but, brain injury

In the events page you may have seen the The Run, Walk, Roll for Brain Injury.  I posted this for a friend who is a teacher at Children Hospital of Philadelphia.  She has been very active in her job helping children with brain injuries.  She even has a certification to teach children with brain injuries from The Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania.  She also runs an after school support group for children that were patients of CHOP and are now living fulfilling lives.

This event is personal for me because I had a brain injury in 1994. I was riding a dirt bike and crashed into the side of a building. In those days there was not much support for children in my situation, at least not as much as there is today.  I had no one to share in my experience, and what I was going through. I was able to join in one of her groups and share my story with children half my age. But, it was interesting to see how much support and knowledge they were given to understand himagesow their brain had changed since the injury.

The event, which will be held on April 9th will support The Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania and camp cranium.

These organizations are committed to preventing brain injury and improving the quality of life for people who have experienced brain injury.

Camp Cranium is a non-profit summer camp dedicated to providing a one-of-a-kind experience for children ages 6-18 with brain injuries. For a week each summer, children who have had a traumatic brain injury or stroke have the unique opportunity to meet other children with brain injuries in a safe, supportive, and fun environment. Campers form lasting friendships, improve their self-confidence and independence, and achieve goals they didn’t believe were possible.

The camp, which was founded in 2008, features a volunteer staff of highly trained physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals who are trained to work with this special population. What’s more, Camp Cranium offers a unique 1:1 camper to counselor ratio—ensuring each camper’s safety and allowing the staff to modify activities for each camper’s ability level.

Living with a brain injury can be an isolating and frightening experience for anyone—let alone a child. Many children are left with physical and mental differences that not only limit what they can do but also separate them from their peers. Camp Cranium fills a much-needed void by giving these strong and resilient children an incredible opportunity: to meet other children with brain injuries, form lasting friendships, develop self-confidence, and, for one week, feel the freedom of being a kid.

The Run, Walk, Roll for Brain Injury offers everyone the opportunity to have fun and support these important organizations. For avid runners, it’s a 5K scenic timed course; for beginner runners, a fun, supportive run; for kids, families, and those who don’t run, a healthy 1 mile walk; for those on two wheels, a good 1 mile wheelchair roll!

For more information on the event GO HERE!

For more information on the camp GO HERE!

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